Spending ban.

I spend too much money. I mean, don’t we all nowadays, with all of the ads and ‘latest-and-greatest’ things coming out, companies are literally begging us to buy their products.

It needs to stop.

It needs to stop for a myriad of reasons, one of the most important being reducing my debt and saving for the future, whatever it holds. Currently, my future plans involve me moving overseas, and that is going to cost me a pretty penny (or pence - wherever you are) to get there and get started, so my financial behaviors HAVE to change, and soon. Soon being January 1, and changing via a spending ban. Sounds pretty ominous, right? It’s not - not really - especially when you’ve been buying as many things as I have and have built up a bit of a (quite embarrassing, really) stockpile.

Basically, I’m going to be ceasing all spending in a few different categories (with exceptions):

  • Health/Beauty - Medicines and feminine products are acceptable purchases of course. I have such a stockpile of skincare and beauty products, I shouldn’t need to start replacing things for at least four or five months.

  • Clothing - I have plenty until the really hot weather arrives, and honestly? Hoping to be gone by then!

  • Home Items - The only exceptions here are cleaning and paper products, can’t run out of TP!

  • Subscriptions - Anything pertaining to my website and YouTube channel are obvious exceptions here.

  • Transportation - I get reimbursed for my MBTA pass (public transport in Boston), and I’ve already purchased a few plane tickets, but the only exceptions here are rides to the airport. I can take the train/bus/my feet anywhere else in the city.

  • Junk Food - Shouldn’t be any exceptions here, let’s see how I do.

And I’m sure I have more. I also know that I’ve made a list pretty similar to this in another blog post, but I find that I hold myself more accountable if I put things out there to the world. If anyone is reading this, congrats, you’re going to get the inside scoop on how much I screw this whole budget up - and trust me - I’m going to screw it up. Would a monthly recap-type post be something interesting to see how this is all going? I’ve got a pretty rigorous savings and debt-repayment plan going on, hopefully someone finds it helpful!

If you had to stop buying something for a year (or even 6 months), what would it be? And don’t say something that you never buy anyway, cheater.