Pondering Packing

In the interest of saving money and packing efficiently and intelligently, I’ll make a write-up of what I end up putting in my suitcase, hopefully it’ll help someone else too. Some of my favorite packing resources are websites like Pinterest, HPL (Her Packing List), and Travel Fashion Girl – not because I’m fashionable, but because I never know what clothes to bring for different activities and don’t like packing my whole closet.

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Coming Soon!

Hello there! 

Welcome to katlindsay.com, my new portfolio/blog/website for my work in photography, videography, and travel! I'm currently in the process of getting the blog portion of this site up and running, but in no time, there will be posts coming your way!

Any suggestions on what content you'd like to see, please leave a comment or connect with me on social media.

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